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Written by The Mini Clan   
May 28, 2000 at 12:00 AM
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Thistle Run I - 2000 - Edinburgh to St. Andrews
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There was a time when St Andrews was famous for nothing more than being the birthplace of hitting a wee ball across a big field into a tiny hole.

Fine if you like that sort of thing, dull if your idea of an afternoon's entertainment doesn't revolve around Pringle sweaters and pretending to be Tiger Woods. Well, times change (thank god) and this summer, the furthest-flung corner of Fife became the birthplace of 100 wee cars sitting beside a big beach making a massive noise. Welcome to the Thistle Run 2000, a new Mini event for the new Millennium and proof that a road-load of Minis doesn't have to be a traffic jam (You've done London to Brighton, then?).


Sunday, May 28, 11am:

Something very odd is going on at Musselburgh Race Course on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Where there are normally horses, there is only horsepower. Minis! Dozens of them, stretching the length of the car park. Two long rows of cars, then three, then a fourth - 101 itsy-bitsy attitude-packed motors waiting to be set free so they can terrorise the upmarket streets of the Capital before making their to Fife.

They call this the Thistle Run, a 50-mile canter through the countryside featuring the biggest water jump (okay, the Forth Bridge) this side of Aintree. The atmosphere is electric as they come under starters orders. A bit of jockeying for position at the back, and they're OFF! Alas, there is a faller at the first hurdle. M400 KAY, the Cooper Sportspack wearing the Union Jack colours of the Mark and Kay Templeman stable, has been nobbled by an unscrupulous Rover garage (we know who you are!). This fine thoroughbred's hopes of making the finish go up in smoke and the bold vet from the AA is powerless to prevent the poor mare being carted off for further treatment.

One by one, the remaining high octane-fuelled cars, piloted by Red Bull-fuelled drivers, scream out into the main street of Musselburgh, to the amazement of the locals, who haven't seen anything this exciting since... well... ever! It takes a full fifteen minutes for the car park to empty, such is their number. Lights flash and horns blare as Joe and Joanna Public stop in their tracks to marvel and wave. The suburban streets whizz by before the pack hits oh-so-posh Princes Street, hub of Edinburgh City Council's oh-so-politically-correct traffic management system. Ha! They don't know what's hit them as a steady stream of Minis take their revenge on the buses and taxis, although seven sets of traffic lights (can anyone beat being stuck at red SIX times?!) splits the convoy.


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