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Mar 16, 2006 at 10:03 PM

The club shall be hereafter referred to as “The Mini Clan”.

a)  Encourage and develop interest in ownership of all Mini marques, both Classic and New manufactured between 1959 and the present day.
b)  Provide members with information, advice and assistance on matters concerning their cars.
c)  Provide members as many benefits and privileges as it may be possible to arrange.
d)  Act as ambassadors to the general public, via car shows, coordinated runs and events, members-only events and participation in events organised by third parties, to foster interest in the Mini.
e)  Organise club evenings to encourage club members to meet and discuss their cars and any other matter in a relaxed and social environment.

a)  Anyone, whether Mini car owners or otherwise, shall be eligible for membership, upon the payment of the annual subscription, which will be valid for all or part of one calendar year.
b)  Individual membership will entitle an individual or a household to single mailings of newsletters and one vote at meetings upon payment of a single annual subscription. However, friends or acquaintances of the individual member and more than one member of the household can participate in member only activities. One membership card will be issued.
c)  Membership status may include Multiple Household membership, this entitles a household to one mailing of the newsletter and more than one vote at meetings upon payment. Up to four membership cards can be issued upon request at joining.
d)  There shall be no minimum age limit on membership although members must be 14 years old and over to vote at club meetings. There shall be no upper age limit on membership.
e)  All members (over the age of 14) are eligible to serve on the Support Team.

Changes to the annual membership fees can only be made at a Mini Clan Annual General Meeting.

Annual membership fees are due by the end of February each year. However, new members who join during the calendar year will be entitled to full membership upon payment of a proportional fee covering the remainder of the year.

Any member of the club who has not paid his/her membership dues by the 1st of March shall be taken off the Register of Members and associated privileges of membership shall be removed.

Any member wishing to resign his/her membership can do so by notifying the Membership Secretary. There will be no refund of membership dues.

Mini Clan events are organised by club members. Office bearers known as the Support Team shall assist and support the membership in the running of events. The Support Team shall be elected by the membership at a Business Meeting (see below) of the club.

The Support Team shall consist of as many elected members as the Business Meeting sees fit to elect and will share the responsibility of supporting the running and activities of the Mini Clan. Nominations for election to the Support Team will be accepted before or at a Business Meeting and members may be elected to the Support Team in absentia, provided they have agreed to a nomination in advance of the meeting.
In the event of there being more than one nomination for a post on the Support Team, a vote shall be conducted.
Nominated members shall have the opportunity to make a brief statement and be questioned by the members present prior to the vote. In absentia nominees may submit a short statement in support of their nomination.
This statement will be circulated at the meeting.

The Support Team shall have the following specific roles:
a)  The Support Team Leader
b)  The Membership Secretary
c)  The Treasurer
d)  The Events Team
e)  The Thistle Run Coordinator
f)  The Webmaster
g)  Club Night hosts
h)  Forum moderators
i)  Newsletter Editor

Other roles and duties can be decided by a Business Meeting as required. The Support Team can co-opt, from the existing membership, anyone with special expertise as and when required.

a)  It shall be the duty of the Support Team to act as primary contact for the club, encourage club ideas, encourage club membership.
b)  It shall be the duty of the Support Team Leader to promote liaison between the various functions of the Support Team and to arrange the agenda for and chair club Business Meetings.
c)  It shall be the duty of the Membership Secretary to maintain an up to date database of the register of current membership, provide a welcome letter to new members, control access to member-only resources and encourage membership renewals when required.
d)  It shall be the duty of the club Treasurer to handle all money matters of the club, keep a record of all expenditures, and advise the membership of all financial matters. Three other club members shall be nominated by the Support Team as signatories to the club bank accounts.
e)  It shall be the duty of the Events Team to collate information about Mini related events and if there is enough interest in an event, the Team shall delegate the responsibility for organising an event to a willing member or members to take care of all the details in order to deliver a successful event.
f)  It shall be the duty of the Thistle Run Coordinator to manage the arrangements for the Thistle Run event.
g)  It shall be the duty of the Webmaster to carry out technical maintenance of the website, forum and associated web hosting services.
h)  It shall be the duty of the Club Night Hosts to welcome members to club nights and pass on information about forthcoming events.
i)  It shall be the duty of the Forum moderators to keep order on the website Forum.
j)  It shall be the duty of the Newsletter Editor to publish a regular newsletter, this will contain current and future activities of the club.
k)  All the delegated task holders can call on members to assist with these duties as required.
l)  Members may submit matters to the responsible member of the Support Team for consideration.

These issues can be submitted in writing, either by post or email to Support Team members either via the Mini Clan email or to individual Support Team members. These submissions shall not be passed to anyone outside the Support Team without the full approval of the Support Team. If a member is dissatisfied with the response received, the member should raise the matter at the next Business Meeting or ask the Support Team Leader to raise it on his/her behalf.

Under the supervision of the Treasurer, the monies of the club shall be banked in an account in the name of the club, and no withdrawals or payments shall be made from this account unless authorised by the nominated office bearers. A separate account shall be maintained for the Thistle Run. All cheques and payments from these accounts will require the signature of two (of four) nominated office-bearers of the Club. The Treasurer is authorised to operate on behalf of the club an account in his/her name for the purpose of credit/debit card payments and online payments/receipts. All transfers to this account shall be authorised by two nominated office bearers in the usual way.

The names and addresses of the club and its members shall not be given out for trade, advertising or business purposes or in connection with any legal proceedings (unless compelled by legislation), without the prior permission of the member and the Membership Secretary.

Where circumstances dictate, the membership shall decide upon the possible expulsion of a club member at a Business Meeting. Members shall be given at least seven days notice that a question of expulsion is to be discussed at a meeting. The member whose expulsion is under consideration shall be given the same seven days notice before the meeting and shall be allowed to offer an explanation of his/her conduct verbally, or in writing. The members shall then vote for/against his/her expulsion. He/she shall thereupon cease to be a member of the club if the majority of the membership present votes for expulsion. The expelled member may submit an appeal against expulsion. The appeal will considered at the subsequent annual general meeting of the club. The expelled member will be entitled to reapply for membership 12 months after the initial expulsion.

Business Meetings shall consist of the Annual General Meeting and other Business Meetings to be held as required during the year. A Business Meeting may be convened by direction of the Support Team or by a requisition to the Support Team stating the business for which the meeting is required, and signed by not less than ten current club members, who will be required to attend the meeting. Notice of the business to be discussed will made available to the membership, by post and via the Mini Clan website, at least 7 days in advance of the meeting.
Support Team members will normally be elected at an AGM to serve until the next AGM. There shall be no limit to the number of terms a member can serve on the support team. Where required by resignation or other reasons, replacement or additional Support Team members may be elected at Business Meetings between AGMs as the membership shall decide.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the club shall be held upon a date and at a time to be fixed by the Support team. The AGM will be held once every calendar year and within 15 months of the previous AGM.
The membership will be given at least 14 days notice of the AGM. The Support Team Leader or a nominated deputy will chair the meeting.

During the AGM:
a)  The Treasurer shall provide a full statement of accounts showing the receipts and expenditure for the previous year.
b)  The Membership Secretary shall provide a report detailing the current state of play regarding the club membership.
c)  The Events Team shall provide a club activities report from the previous year.
d)  Members of the Support Team shall submit reports as appropriate.
e)  Any proposed changes to the constitution will be discussed and decided upon.
f)  The club will decide on any resolutions, which may be submitted to the meeting.
g)  The club shall elect a new Support Team, from the nominations put forward. Nominations shall be proposed and seconded and may be submitted to the Support Team in advance of the meeting or to the Chair at the meeting.
h)  Other matters raised in writing for discussion at the AGM will be added to the AGM Agenda.

When members wish a matter to be placed on the Agenda for a Business Meeting, the text of such matters shall be sent to the Support Team at least 7 days before the date of such meetings, so that it may be included in the Agenda.

Every member with a right to participate may exercise one vote. At all club meetings, a majority of votes decides a resolution.

Anyone can attend, but only members are allowed to participate in Business Meetings.

At each Business Meeting a member shall be elected to take minutes. The minutes of the Business Meeting shall be made available to the membership for information and discussion, by post and via the Mini Clan website.

Any photographic, text or other material donated to the Mini Clan for use in any Mini Clan published medium shall remain the copyright of the originator, but the Mini Clan shall be granted free licence to use said material in perpetuity.

a)  Amendments to these Rules can only be made if a majority vote is made during a Business Meeting.
b)  A summary of any proposed amendment must appear in the notice for the Business Meeting.
c)  Any proposed amendment must have a proposer and a seconder. Both proposer and seconder must be fully paid up members of the Mini Clan, and have been members before the notice for the meeting.

Members shall be furnished with a copy of the club constitution upon joining the club. The constitution will also be available on the Mini Clan website.

The Mini Clan shall be covered by an adequate public liability insurance policy. This policy shall be renewed annually.

Any membership card issued to a member to denote membership of the Mini Clan shall remain the property of the club. On termination of their membership, members shall return the card to the Membership Secretary.

Should the need arise a Business Meeting shall be called to wind up the Mini Clan. After all liabilities have been met, any remaining assets shall be donated to a charity or charities decided by the membership present at the Business Meeting.

All personal information provided to the Mini Clan, by members and prospective members, will be used for the sole purpose of administering Mini Clan business and will be used in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act.

All members participating in Mini Clan events and activities shall be subject to the laws of the land and the act of participating in an organised event does not exclude participants and their vehicles from complying with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act including a roadworthy vehicle covered by appropriate insurance.

a)  Original 2004
b)  Amended 2007
c)  Amended 2009
d)  Amended 2011
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