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Written by MiniClan   
Oct 29, 2006 at 12:00 AM
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The Halloween Run
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Stopping for a regroup at Braco (where the Mini Clan Wizard™ was giving hints to the quiz) and then swiftly onwards to the Crieff Visitor Centre. The stunning views of Strath Earn could have took your breath away and it was very hard to keep your eyes on the roads and not to the stunning views which surrounded you.

‘Tea’n’Pee Stop’ at Crieff was a chance to stretch legs and pick up a few items for the Treasure Hunt.

Curious stares from around the tea room were directed at a table at the far corned where a Witch, a Wizard, a Vampire and curiously enough a Christmas Elf were enjoying a cup of tea and a round of scones!

Stage 2: A Mini Magic Carpet Ride to Lunch. Those with a CB on this journey will have “Pheasant on the Road, Pheasant on the Road” ingrained in their mind as Andy informed clanners of all obstacles in the road (Thanks Andy as don’t think anyone fancied Roast Pheasant for their Tea). Andy’s joke here was “ How do you roast a Pheasant?”…….…“On a BBQ” Sadly along the way one poor mini gave up the ghost and had to be towed to Dunkeld for some much needed rest and restoration.

Thanks to the kind gentleman (with the 2 witches in the back and a pirate as his navigator) who did everything he possibly could to get RavyDavy’s mini back up and running to complete the run. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be and a rescue truck was called to take Vinnie & his passengers home.

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Thistle Run 2019 Entry is now closed

Many thanks to all who entered, entry is now closed. You may still turn up on the day and enter as a day runner. See you there!