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Written by MiniClan   
Oct 29, 2006 at 12:00 AM
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The Halloween Run
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The many admiring glances and camera clicks proved there was a sight to be beheld, when the customers at Stirling Services witnessed 14 minis drawing into the car park, many of which were dressed in Halloween outfits (drivers and passengers too).
The Mini Clan Wizard™ was good enough to be on hand to give everyone their magical Halloween Survival pack which included the all important directions, quiz & treasure hunt (tasking the runner with a potion to brew on route) and a treat tub (which included sweets, lolly and a tangerine!)

Setting out on “Stage One: An A-Series Broomstick to Crieff” took us through Dunblane and around Dunruchan Hill and Torlum on some quiet roads to Crieff.

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Thistle Run 2019 Entry is now closed

Many thanks to all who entered, entry is now closed. You may still turn up on the day and enter as a day runner. See you there!