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Sep 17, 2006 at 12:00 AM
For the second run they have every organised, Andy and Brenda Gourley pulled a great day out of the hat for their “Wee Sunday Run”.

Image 15 Cars all arrived in the Beefeater car park, where we got to welcome some new members and welcomed back some long missed clanners, to the Clan and to the Classic Mini!
Andy and Brenda also had prepared us a small surprise, in the form a quiz to do as we clan-shuffled our way from East Kilbride to New Lanark Heritage Village. The route was fantastic including the perplexed looks on 14 drivers faces when we got to Strathaven to find our road had been closed and we needed to get maps out to work out a wee detour along some good single track roads (note one clever runner managed all by themselves in half the time!).
On route repairs
New Lanark was our lunch stop, even though lunch was almost an hour late after out detour, and the restaurant didn’t let us down; soup, sandwiches and haggis burgers well all gratefully devoured.

After a short meander (if any of you have been to New Lanark, you might know that the hill climb back up to the car park is something not to be undertaken lightly on a full tum) we were back in our cars and on our Mini Clan way to North Ayrshire and another pit stop in Cumnock.

Cumnock was the scene of the great quiz marking, whilst the rest of us trooped in and out of the Sun Inn, walking in front of the TV that was being avidly watched by all the footie pundits… sorry guys!
With the results all calculated we had the following

1st Chiara Zachary
2nd Adrian Cooper
3rd Debbie Anderson
MIM* Nick Harland
BSBP* David Mitchell

The Clan would like to thank McCabe's Bar & Restaurant, Largs for donating the prizes and hope that Chiara and friends enjoy their meal.

After all the presentation we were all back in our cars and this is where it all went terribly wrong. Andy’s last words to us were left out of the car park, but as Mini Clanners we knew where we were going and all turned right and took the main road! The directions versus the road confused some of us who didn’t know where we were going, but in the end, when on a Mini Run, follow the Mini in front!

A superb day, thanks to Andy and Brenda, especially for the sweeties!

*BSBP: Brenda’s Special Booby Prize
*MIM: Most Improved Mini
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